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About Us

Building Capacity of Youth as Agents of Change

About Us

The International Youth Conference (IYC) is a direct result of a call to action for youth attending the 68th UN Civil Society Conference (UNCSC), held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, from 26 to 28 August 2019. The Salt Lake City Conference featured strong youth participation: of the 5000 participants attending the UNCSC.

The Outcome Statement of UNCSC2019 was that The significance and potential of youth. More broadly, we affirm the need to empower all generations with education, skills, and opportunities. These will allow youth to sustain themselves; contribute to the health, well-being, prosperity, and resilience of society; and thereby enable all generations to thrive.

Following the 2019 UN Civil Society Conference ( UNCSC ) Some youth convened to launch the International Youth Conference (IYC) with the support of the UN Civil Society Unit, Department of Global Communications, UN-Habitat, and International Association for the advancement of innovative approaches to global challenges IAAI – Golcha, an NGO formally associated with the department.


IYC aims to have strong connections with international NGO’s, global governments, and private sectors to provide the ultimate support to youth.


Our team has a long experience in supporting youth and youth affairs working closely with the UN and UN agencies.


We take the responsivity of creating completed educational sessions to the best of our abilities to global youth and raising awareness about the UN SDG goals and the important role of youth as agents of change.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a
Better World

The International Youth Conference (IYC) is not like any other online platform. We strongly believe in supporting equality education and leaving no one behind.

Our main goal is have our programs accessible and free of charge to youth from all over the globe without the having to go through the burden of expensive prices added to education. Moreover, raise awareness of current concerns our world and different regions are facing so youth can be agents of change.

Our Partners

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