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September 22-26, 2022

New York – USA

The International Youth Conference 6

The world’s youth population is about 2.2 billion, and a sustainable future is possible through the collective and organized action of all, including the youth. The world faces various challenges for sustainable development that can no longer be ignored. Our responsibility is to move toward building sustainable communities with the guiding principle of Serve, Lead, and Innovate. The International Youth Conference (IYC6) aims for a sustainable future for the world with the help of the “NATION OF YOUTH.”

IYC6 will provide an international platform for young researchers, academicians, and organizations working on sustainability and climate action to showcase their research and work.

IYC6 will also cover various areas of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as Quality Education (SDG4), Economic Growth (SDG8), Peace & Justice (SDG16), and Global Partnerships for Development (SDG17) in the context of Urbanization and Climate Action.

This is for how IYC influenced you

Ali Osman

IYC Ambassador - Sudan

IYC is a once-in-a-lifetime platform for true and committed Youth Changemakers and paradigm shift makers for a better world and society through Service, Leadership and Innovation (genuine creativity).


IYC Ambassador - Egypt

The idea that my voice could affect large number of attendees and audiences cause iyc has huge number of audiences around the world makes me feel that the youth can do a really true actions on the ground

Jessica Yanyun Li

IYC Lead Ambassador - UAS

IYC allows me to realize the potential of leadership and the meaning of service to innovate and advance the SDGs. I value multilateral cooperation and intercultural communication to facilitate effective engagements. I continue to enhance equitable youth representation and participation with learning, commitment, and appreciation.

Muleta Korma


IYC allowed me to realize the potential of leadership and the meaning of service to innovate and advance the SDGs.

Abhijita Borah

IYC Ambassador - India

I have attended IYC conferences in the past and experiencing cumulative youth action and discussing sustainable solution projects has made IYC conferences much of an edging consequence. This year as an ambassador of the same, I feel obliged to serve to my capacity and contribute towards a constructive collective future altogether.
Thanking the IYC team for making dreams happen into realities

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